Terms & Conditions



Cargo shipments are made by UPS, DHL and PTT Cargo. Also you prefer, we can send the goods by any transport agency.


Delivery cost varies according to the amount of your order. Shipping charges are calculated based on the total weight of shipments.


For delivery within the package will be sent to providing protection in the most attentive way. Packaging is according to the standards of quality and products are protected in the best way.





Preparation time of not in stock orders ranges from 1 - 8 weeks according to size of the order.


Each order is taken on its own program. In addition, orders are treated as a separate group.


From the day of prepayment, your order will be scheduled within 1 day. When orders complete the rest of the payment is received and orders send.





Order for payment procedure applied cash, cash against documents  and letters of credit sight

(L / C) is done with methods.


In cash against documents shipments, you send the details of your bank. We deliver all the original documents to our bank, our bank send them to your bank. Then when you pay to your bank, your banks releases the original documents and you take delivery of the merchandise from the customs.


For Paypal payments,

There is a 4% commision applied due to nature of paypal. You dont need a paypal account to pay with paypal. Using the link we have given, you can update the total amount of payment and then click on "don't have a Paypal Account" and proceed with the credit card payment through paypal website.

If you do have a paypal account, you first update  the total amount of payment and then just login with your e-mail and password and send the payment to our account. You can also ask us to send a money request through paypal.


Order according to the amount of your order amount is taken as 50% of the prepayment. The remaining amount will be charged when the order is ready for shipment.